Co-Packing with Mad Will’s

We are your partners in the process.


Our co-packing process comprises three fundamental phases: evaluation, creation, and production.

Co-Packing Phase 1: Evaluation

First things first.


Welcome to the first phase of your co-packing project with Mad Will’s. We can’t wait to get started!

Step 1: Contact us

First, review the Co-Packing Introduction Packet.

Second, Get in touch with us and introduce yourself. We want to know all about your product (existing or in ideation) and your goals. We will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to sign.

Third, please complete the co-packing questionnaire.

Step 2: Preliminary Evaluation

Send your recipe(s) and samples to Mad Will’s. Complete all steps in the Sample Submission Guidelines.

After receipt of your recipes and samples, we will complete an analysis to make sure the product is compatible with our production equipment and has a pH of less than 4.6.

We’ll also talk through packaging possibilities with you.

We will then provide a preliminary price quote (fees apply). Send the signed quote back to us.

If you want, meet with our Co-Packing Specialist and take a tour of our facility! You can discuss and decide on ingredient and packaging options while here.

Co-Packing is easy with Mad Will’s! Image: Lono Sauces

Co-Packing is easy with Mad Will’s! Image: Lono Sauces


Co-Packing Phase 2: Creation

Let’s make your dream a reality! 


Step 3: Test Batch

Mad Will’s produces a ten-pound test batch for your first product (Test Batch Fees Apply) and will send you 2 bottles from the sample batch for you to evaluate. We want to achieve the desired flavor profile, mouthfeel, viscosity, and quality of your original recipe while maintaining food safety standards.

Step 4: Product Information Created

Mad Will’s sends paperwork (per recipe) to the state for S-Number and pH release documentation.

You will receive product information via email, which includes:

  • Ingredients Statement

  • Allergen Statement

  • Net Weight Declaration

  • Nutrition Facts panel (NLEA)

You will receive a final price quote for each product, which you must review and sign, as well as a Purchase Order. A down payment of 50% is needed to advance to the next phase.

Step 5: Label Compliance Review

Please send a PDF of the final label artwork to Mad Will’s for compliance review.

We recommend using one of our preferred printers. Contact us for our current list of printers.

If using an unapproved printer, a sample of the label material and adhesive must be sent to Mad Will’s for testing.

Upon Mad Will’s approval of the label, materials, and layout, the labels may now be printed! If the product is organic, the label and accompanying paperwork will be sent to CCOF for certification. Once the product and label have been certified by CCOF, the labels can be printed.

For non-GMO or other certifications, please contact our customer care department.

The Mad Will’s facility

We’ll send you a test batch so you can taste the product before it goes into full production.

Phase 3: Production

Ship it and sell it! 


Step 6: Production Authorization

Mad Will’s sources, orders, and receives the ingredients and packaging supplies. If your product requires unique ingredients or packaging, you will be responsible for all special orders. For more details, please contact the customer care manager of co-packing.

Mad Will’s receives the labels and schedules your product for production.

Step 7: Production

Mad Will’s produces the desired product.

If required, Mad Will’s also arranges for the state to perform a pH test of the product. State Officials must test and release the batch for resale.

Step 8: Product Shipment

Once the balance has been paid, the product will be released for pick-up or delivery.


Let’s start your co-packing adventure.