Corporate Gifts

Show your clients how much they mean to you.


We love working with business owners, CEOs, managers, and freelancers who are looking for a way to dazzle their clients and thank them for their business.

Corporate gifts are our strength because we have low minimums, high quality local products, and can personalize the gifts to mean that much more to your clients.

Who sends corporate gifts?

Anyone, whether you are a manager, business owner, freelancer, CEO, or do-gooder, can send corporate gifts to clients, friends, family, suppliers, partners, and more.

A real estate agent who welcomes her clients into their newly-purchased home with a gift box of private label sauces with the real estate agent’s logo.

A consultant who gives their clients a set of holiday spreads, and on the label is the motto he always tells them to live by.

A business owner whose busy season is in the spring, and wants to thank his suppliers in the summer with a delicious marinade.

A couple who want to give wedding attendees a meaningful parting gift.

Our process

  1. We can send you a product list. If you’d like to try samples, we can send some to you.

  2. Pick what you want and the quantity. Our typical gift box can fit two 12-oz bottles and one 9-oz jar. The minimum order is 50 gift boxes.

  3. Work with our designer, who will help create a label.

  4. We will put the products in a gift box with a note from you, and we’ll even do the mailing for you if you want.

Learn more about our Private Label Process:

There are many different types of occasions for giving!

Say it with a gift. Whether you are celebrating a client’s new home purchase, the holidays, or a birthday, a gift with your branding can bring your giving to a whole new level.