Co-Packing Phase 1: Evaluation

First things first.


Welcome to the first phase of your co-packing project with Mad Will’s. We can’t wait to get started!

Step 1: Contact us

First, review the Co-Packing Introduction Packet.

Second, Get in touch with us and introduce yourself. We want to know all about your product (existing or in ideation) and your goals. We will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to sign.

Third, please complete the co-packing questionnaire.

Step 2: Preliminary Evaluation

Send your recipe(s) and samples to Mad Will’s. Complete all steps in the Sample Submission Guidelines.

After receipt of your recipes and samples, we will complete an analysis to make sure the product is compatible with our production equipment and has a pH of less than 4.6.

We’ll also talk through packaging possibilities with you.

We will then provide a preliminary price quote (fees apply). Send the signed quote back to us.

If you want, meet with our Co-Packing Specialist and take a tour of our facility! You can discuss and decide on ingredient and packaging options while here.

Co-Packing is easy with Mad Will’s! Image: Lono Sauces

Co-Packing is easy with Mad Will’s! Image: Lono Sauces