Sample Submission Guidelines

Read this page carefully before making and/or submitting samples.


Provide the Recipe

Fill out an Original Recipe Card for each product or flavor you are submitting.

If your product is already being manufactured at another facility, you may provide the formula and technical documents from the current or previous manufacturer instead of an Original Recipe Card.


For each ingredient, provide the brand, complete ingredient name and the grade/strength, if known. For example, if you are using Heinz White Distilled Vinegar, it says 5% acidity on the bottle. The brand is Heinz. The complete name is White Distilled Vinegar. The grade/strength is 5%.

All measurements for ingredients must be physically weighed in either grams/kilograms or ounces/lbs. DO NOT list ingredient amounts by volume (i.e., cup, tsp, tbsp, fluid ounce, 1 can, etc.) A standard kitchen scale is sufficient for accurately weighing recipe ingredients.

Note any special procedures, steps or equipment used during preparation or to process ingredients on Original Recipe Cards (i.e., used food processor to puree onions).


Prepare the Samples

Prepare at least TWO (2) samples per product/flavor in sealed containers that are the approximate size of your desired final package. If your product is already being manufactured at another facility, you may provide a finished good of your product from the current or previous manufacturer instead.

  • Samples must be heat processed or cooked as stated in supplied process.

  • Fill and pack product(s) in glass containers following good hygienic home canning procedures.

  • Label each container with the product description and your name or your company name.

  • Please ensure product is bottled safely and shipped properly to comply with food safety standards.


Send to Mad Will’s

Package carefully, including the following:

  • TWO (2) labeled samples per product/flavor

  • An Original Recipe Card for each product/flavor

Send package to be delivered Monday thru Friday via USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL to:


Attn: Product Development

2043 Airpark Court • Auburn, CA 95602