Private Label vs. Co-Packing

What differentiates private label projects from co-packing projects is the creator of the product inside the bottle. If you would like to sell one of our products with your label, or if you’d like to give gifts with your custom branding on the products, you might want to go the Private Label route. However, if you have your own recipe and would like to work with our team to hone the recipe for a larger production scale, you likely want to start a co-packing project with us.

Private Label: Our product with your label. Co-Packing: Your product with your label.

Private Label Customers Typically include…

We love working with small businesses and boutique markets who want to sell great products that we develop. We can also help with corporate gifts and club or school fundraising. Contact us to learn about all the possibilities.


Corporate Gifts




Co-Packing Customers Typically Include…

Those who have their own recipes or ideas tend to work with our product development team. This often means that restaurants with their own famous sauces to sell or breweries and wineries looking to create new products from their beverages.


Breweries and Wineries