Label Design and Printing

The label is the finishing touch on the packaging of your product. It can draw in potential consumers, enticing them to take a closer look. It also contains the elements that are required by law to inform the consumer about the product, including ingredients, nutritional information and allergens.

Label Design

Below is some basic information that will help you get started with the design of your label.


A trademark is a type of intellectual property that consists of a distinctive sign or indicator used to identify that the products or services offered to consumers originate from a unique source. While it is not required to register your brand, it is helpful to make sure that your brand will not infringe on another company’s trademark. To learn more about trademarks or to research registered trademarks, go to

Product Information

MWFC will provide you with an FDA compliant ingredients statement, allergen statement, nutrition facts panel (NLEA) and net weight declaration for each product. We encourage all of our clients to include MADE IN THE USA to their label. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has preferred marketing funding programs to help you market your product and MWFC can assist you with meeting the requirements as well as managing the application process.

UPC Barcode

A UPC barcode is a method of automatic identification that allows information to be captured quickly and accurately. Each barcode is specific to one product and must be purchased from an outside vendor.

If you wish to utilize a UPC Barcode on your product and do not plan on selling to Wal-Mart or Kroger, we recommend purchasing one at (starting at $85.00) or (starting at $14.95), though any barcode vendor is acceptable. If you need a unique GS1 Company Prefix, visit:

Printing Specifications

Preprinted Pressure Sensitive Label Specifications

Below are the specifications that are required for all labels used at MWFC. This will ensure compatibility with our equipment, the packaging and the environment (i.e. refrigeration). Your printer will need these to give you an accurate price quote for labels.

If you have any questions about the information provided, or if you’d like contact information for the printers we work with, please contact us.

  • Pressure sensitive labels

    • Respositionable adhesive - All Temperture (AT-1, AT-20, AT-333 or equivalent)

    • Precision slit
    • 1/8” space between labels
    • 3” cores
    • Rewind #4, Unwind – left side off first • 10” OD on label rolls

    • Custom die-cuts, new material & new adhesives MUST be tested by MWFC prior to printing.

Adhesive Varieties:

  1. Repositionable (# AT-1 or AT-20)

  2. Permanent Water Soluble (S-100R or S-100R2)

  3. Removable (S-100R125 or S-100R127)

Custom die cut labels must be tested by Mad Will’s prior to printing. Labels will be applied to bottles of varying temperature (ambient warehouse to 200 degrees Fahrenheit).

Reviews and Approval:

MWFC requires that all labels used in its facility undergo an in-house compliance review prior to being printed. Also, a materials test is required if you plan to use a printer that has not been approved by PK. Production will not be authorized until both of these requirements have been met.

Basic Label Compliance

The FDA is responsible for ensuring that foods sold in the United States are safe, wholesome, and properly labeled. The regulations that govern product labeling can be found in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 101). Below is a brief description of the basic label components that are required. Mad Will’s graphic designers will work with you to ensure that each label is compliant and ready for production.

Label Specifications (image of example label)

Principal Display Panel (PDP)

PDP is “The portion of the label that is most likely to be seen by the consumer at the time of purchase.” Depending on the jar or bottle, the viewable portion of the label varies between 2.75-3.25”. Place the following items on the PDP:

1a. Brand or Company Logo - Must be on the PDP.

2a. Product Name - Should be one of the most prominent features on the PDP and be generally parallel to the base of the package.

3a. Net Contents - At least 1/8” tall (12-13pt depending on font), placed within the bottom 30% of PDP. Do not crowd, must be surrounded by a minimum of 1/8” of space.

Note: Use of the organic Ceritfication Symbol on any label requires proof on file with MWFC. See the Organic Information page for more info.

Information Panels

“The label panel immediately to the right of the PDP, as displayed to the consumer.” The left and right panels are used for the following mandatory items, as well as any other information you might want to include.

Right Side Panel

1b. Shake Well Statement - At least 1/16” tall (measured by the lower case “o”). Recommend Arial (6pt). Can use all uppercase letters to meet height requirement.

2b. Allergen Statement - Same requirements as 1b.

3b. NLEA Facts Panel - Black or one color type/lines on a white or neutral background. Recommend Arial or Helvetica font. This panel has very specific new FDA regulations that were implemented in January 2019.

Left Side Panel

1c. Ingredient Deck - At least 1/16” tall (measured by the lower case “o”). Recommend Arial or Helvetica (6pt). Can use all uppercase letters to meet height requirement.

2c. Manufacturer Statement - Manufactured For or Distributed By, followed by the company name, street address, city, state, USA and zip. The street address can only be omitted if the company can be located in a current city directory or telephone book.

3c. Bar Code - Best for use with retail venues that utilize scanners. To learn more, please see the page titled Retail Label Information.