Bring your famous sauce from the kitchen to your community!

Restaurants and Mad Will’s Food Company

We love partnering with restaurants to deliver high-quality products.
Our packaging includes foodservice options.


Restaurants often have recipes they use frequently to increase efficiency and consistency in their kitchens.

Co-Packing Options

Many restaurants come to Mad Will’s Food Company because our product development team can help develop and produce the right recipe for a larger quantity, and can also package that recipe in food service size packaging.

This decreases labor cost for restaurants because they don't need someone making their sauce in house. The price per ounce is also lower in food service volumes than to create (or purchase) retail products for your kitchen.

Examples of products restaurants come to Mad Will’s to develop and package include special marinades, BBQ sauces, and salad dressings.

Private Label Options

Restaurants will also private label our products for their kitchen and then sell them retail in the restaurant. You can provide our sauces, which have proven customer appeal, on the tables with your logo on the bottle.